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"The enemy has built a fortified communication post while we weren't looking. It is imperative that they be taken of the air to stop their incessant gloating!!"

-Major I. P. Grimly

Communication Breakdown is the seventh mission of Hogs of War. It is located in area in southwestern Saustralia. It is the second mission on this island.


The terrain is mixed - it seems this level happens in winter or early spring; there is a high amount of snow, but also some grass is visible and the snow is more frequent on the higher places. Terrain is also mountainous and there is a big number of rocky slopes. There is a river that turns around and appears in two parts of the level; on part with player's pigs, the river is partially frozen or does contain lots of ice that makes crossing it easier. There is no ice on the "enemy" side of the river, but there are two fords that pigs can use to cross the river safely without hurting themselves. The river makes two river islands; one of them is surrounded by water, so player's pig must swim to get there, and one of them is partially surrounded by ice and water with ice pieces, so it's easier to be reached. There is also a big number of trees in this mission.


In this level, there are two pillboxes located on the bigger river island, and shelter that is located between these pillboxes. The pillboxes are occupied by two enemy grunts and can cause alot of damage to player's pigs, unless they are destroy.


There are two pick-ups in this level - both of them contain one Super TNT. One of the pick-ups is on a hill on completely reverse side of the map, than where the player's pigs are at the start of mission; specifically on the side where enemy bombardier is. Other pick-up is located on the island with pillboxes.

During the level, two 10-UP are sent by airships; one of them falls near the ford on top of a small slope on land part with orderly and scout. Other 10-UP falls down on the island with pillboxes.


There are five enemies in this level- there is one orderly in middle part of the map, one scout hiding very close to the orderly (so giving TNT to orderly also breaks the tree, in which scout is hiding). On the reverse side of the map, very far from player's pigs, there is one bombardier that often shoots mortar and makes a big threat to the player. At last, there are two grunts controlling the pillboxes.

In the hard mode, there are two gunners, one medic, one sniper and one pyrotechnic.


  • Name of this mission is inspired by Led Zeppelin song Communication Breakdown released in 1969, probably in connection with the mission's objective to destroy enemy's new communication post.
  • Communication Breakdown is the first mission to include pillboxes, as well as the first mission to include vehicles with weapons
  • Communication Breakdown is the first mission including snow and ice
  • Communication Breakdown is the first mission to offer Super TNT