Hogs of War Wiki

Enemy team (also known as CPU) is any team you fight against. Enemy pigs are controlled by artificial inteligence.

Singleplayer campaign

In singleplayer campaign, player fights with one enemy team on each mission. Number of pigs in enemy teams varies from 3 to 8.


In multiplayer, player might choose to play with up to 3 CPU enemy teams. They are not required though.

Artificial inteligence

Enemy teams are often seen to be unintelligent. They often might hurt their own teammates while firing at player's pig, shoot into buildings, trees or their own teammates, if they are in the way to player's pig. In singleplayer, enemies don't use some weapons, like Pick Pocket, Self Heal, Shockwave or Super TNT, because it would be frustrating for the player, but they use Super TNT in multiplayer, especially on Square Off.

Enemies often like to search for vehicles, health crates or pick-ups. On the other hand, enemies don't collect promotion points. Enemies often occupy vehicles and might use jetpack to get to them. If vehicle has 20 health or less, there are no useful weapons left in the vehicle or there is no player's pig in enemy's sight (this counts only for pillboxes), enemy jumps out of the vehicle and uses his long-range weapons. If player occupies vehicle, on which enemy pig is standing, the enemy pig will be skipping his turns until he gets blasted of the vehicle by weapon, the vehicle is destroyed or player's pig jumps out of the vehicle.

Center of any enemy pig's attention and their main attack targets are vehicles occupied by player, player's pigs located near the enemy pig, high ranked pigs (enemy pig is more likely to choose attacking spy instead of sniper, even if the sniper is closer), pig that has collected or pick-pocketed some high-damage weapons like Super TNT or Shockwave, and player's pigs with low ammount of health. They might choose one pig as a center of attention and shoot it constantly before it dies, and even if you put some other pig or even vehicle nearby, they won't stop attacking it.

In multiplayer, CPU paratroopers often waste their jetpacks to collect crates that are very close to them and they could easily walk to collect them. A lot of CPU pigs use grenade launcher rather than moving closer to other pigs. If there are more enemy CPU teams, they tend to attack also other CPU team's pigs, not only player's pigs. But in mission 25, several CPU pigs work together against player's team, even though each of them belongs to another team.

Enemy pigs also have several advantages against player's team. Independently on their class, they can spot mines, water and slippery areas, and avoid it in most cases. They also can find any unhidden player's espionage class pig, even if their mark is not visible on the map. If the timer gets to 5, enemy pigs stop their movement and instantly attack the player with long range weapons, if they don't get close enough. In most cases, they manage to attack in time.

Enemies don't use much strategy, like throwing player's pig into mines or water, only they place TNT further from player's pig nearby the map edge to throw them of the map.

If enemy pig's health is low, it might go for any health crate, shelter or MASH tent, if it's available. Rarely, enemy pigs might use Suicide near some player's pig before dying.