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Glouton is a member of Garlic Grunts. In version 3.0 of Pinstripe's Mod, he was renamed to Petain. He has been voiced by Marc Silk.

Name Glouton comes from the same French word 'glouton' that means glutton - a person who eats alot. Same meaning has name Goinfre.


When starting a turn with more than 25 health

  • Oui, my captain?
  • How may I assist?

When starting a turn with 11-25 health

  • I'm all ears!
  • Just say the word!

When starting a turn with 10 health or less

  • Action, at last!
  • I am ready.

When attacking

  • Fire!
  • I shoot!
  • Perfection!
  • Boo, emote!
  • What is this!
  • Tribune!
  • Very well, Monsieur!
  • But of course.
  • A deadly plan.
  • Oui, do?
  • A final plan.

When dying

  • It is nothing.
  • A mere nick, that was rather silly.
  • Not even a blues.
  • I'm at any bit dizzy, I was not ready.
  • Drat it all!
  • Not now.
  • How could this even in the effort?
  • Well, what happened?