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Hogs of War, also HoW, is a turn-based strategy game, made by Infogrames. It was released on 6th June 2000 for Europe and on 29th September 2000 for North America. It is possible to be played on PS1, PS2, PS3, PSX and Microsoft Windows. The game is based in the First World War, but instead of soldiers, there are anthropomorphic pigs, who fight against each other.


A pig shaped collection of islands located in the South Pigsific Ocean, known as Saustralasia, has been found to be a rich source of swill (depicted like oil being harvested by pumpjacks) that is described as the "lifeblood of pigs", that who ever controls the swill controls the world thus leading to all nations engaging in an all out war to conquer the region. The chosen national squadron battles through each of Saustralasia's five main regions; Hogshead, Saustralia, Trottsville, Bellyopolis and Arstria.

Upon conquering each territory, the squad is shown an educational film (in a satirical vintage fashion) on survival techniques, such as "keeping secrets safe", a video showing off a secret military project. Upon defeating all other nations and laying claim to Saustralasian mainland, the squadron engages in a final battle on the Isle of Swill with all nations' legends and gunner Izzy from Team Lard. Regardless of which chosen nation is victorious, all pig nations celebrate the end of the war and now a time of peace. Despite the end of the war, a remaining soldier feels like nothing has been accomplished by the war. The narrator, I. P. Grimly, gives an upbeat message regarding the end of the war, stating that the war was all worth it, for the medal received at the end of it.

An ending cinematic shows one remaining soldier however who feels like nothing was accomplished from the war. At this point I. P. Grimly counter argues this notions by stating while in the space of four years his wife has left him, his home was destroyed and now with no chance of employment asks what was he even fighting for. Grimly then presents the soldier with a medal before he expands on his point with an oddly upbeat voiced closing statement:

"Would you give it all up? No! A soldier has war in his blood and if we can't find a war, we'll blooming well start one! Thats the spirit! So long as politicians can create a pointless argument somewhere in the world, there will be a pointless war for us to fight! No stockpiled weapons will go to waste. Rest assured we'll be sharing this arsenal with all manner of new and unsavory enemies across this world of ours."

This is narrated as the soldier now cheerful and wearing his medal proudly, marches off into the sunset before Grimly wishes him luck once more where ever he may be or fighting.

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