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Mission's objective is to destroy three tanks enemy pigs had stolen

"A battalion of our tanks has been pinched! Our watchful scouts have tracked them to this desert oasis. Take up pursuit in your own tanks and make sure they get what's comming to them!!"

-Major I. P. Grimly giving instructions for mission 12

Just Deserts is the twelfth mission of Hogs of War. It is located in area in western Trotsville. It is the second mission on this island.


The terrain is desert with a few grassy spots that palms grow out from. Map is divided into two parts by a large arch shaped minefield, part where player's pigs are is way smaller. There are two bridges that make it possible to cross the minefield. There are five craters on the map, four of them on player's side, only one on enemy side. Map is surrounded by high mountains and it is unclear how any of the pigs got there. Next to the bridge, there is a giant piece of rock that can't be climbed on by foot, and there is also a pile of rocks in front of drop point on player's side. On the ground, there is a big number of discontinuous paths, on enemy side, there is some white pavement. Enemies are protected by higher ground with trees (including two hidden spies), player's pigs are exposed to tank shots and sniper rifles.


There are totally six vehicles in this mission, all of which are tanks, that are properly divided (for each side three tanks). Getting on the other side with tanks is possible only through the minefield (tanks can't ride on bridges) and often takes some damage.


At the start of the level, there are no pick-ups with weapons, however, after quite some time, a crate containing 1x Airstrike falls down behind the giant rock. It's often not much useful or too risky to use, as you often have pigs near enemies during the game, and enemies often have low health at this point, unless they manage to capture too much tanks.

In a secret path behind place where player's pigs fall into the mission, there is a drop zone that makes 1x Homing Missile fall for each pig that reaches it. These weapons might be hard to attack enemies, as they might bump into the trees surrounding enemy place, bump into the tanks and make no damage to enemy pigs, and don't deal really big amount of damage (maximum of 40, four of these are required to destroy one tank with direct hits).

There are also two 50-UP crates in this level - both of them in corners of the map, far away from both player's and enemy's pigs. Those crates might be really useful as getting tank destroyed makes double damage to pig as any other vehicle.

Promotion Points

You get one PP when you complete the missions objective, that is to destroy all of the enemy tanks. Player's tanks, even with enemy pig inside, do not count. Medal then falls inside the minefield. The point where PP falls is reachable by an invisible path that only espionage and elite pigs see. If you don't have any of them, it is possible to risk your way through the minefield, because it's quite slim and if you are careful, you can get the PP without your pig exploding to pieces. PP is also obtainable by tank.


There are total of five enemies in this level. Three of them are pyrotechnics and stand right next to their tanks, two of them are spies hiding, pretending to be palms in front of the enemy base.

In the hard mode, there are also two spies hiding, but pyrotechnics are changed to commandos.


  • Name of this mission is inspired by idiom just deserts, that means a punishment or reward that is considered to be what the recipient deserved.
  • This is the only mission in whole Hogs of War that contain tanks, excluding generated maps.
  • Entire map is surrounded by high mountains, and no exit path is in there. Pigs have landed into the area by parachuting, but it is unknown how did both of the sides manage to get tanks there.
  • A glitch appears in the tanks that enemies sometimes can shoot infinite airbursts, even though there is only one in the tanks' equipment. This never happens when tank is controlled by player's pig.
  • Mines exceed the borders of minefield in this level, so player has to be really careful. Mine can be triggered even when pig is not inside the minefield.