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Kempo is a member of Sushi Swine. In version 3.0 of Pinstripe's Mod, he was renamed to Takeshi. He has been voiced by Marc Silk.

Name Kempo comes from kenpō - also informally known as kempo - which is, similarly as Kung Fu or Kendo, a Japanese martial art.


Kempo is very similar to Kendo - he is lazy and hates that he has to participate in the war, and doesn't make orders very willingly. However, unlike Kendo, he doesn't swear at player during playtime, only in some of his death quotes.


When starting a turn with more than 25 health

  • What?
  • Already?

When starting a turn with 11-25 health

  • God?
  • What you want?

When starting a turn with 10 health or less

  • What can I do?
  • You disturb me again?

When attacking

  • If I must.
  • Catch this!
  • He's all yours!
  • Most tabby enemy must die!
  • For the empire!
  • I destroyed him, and we go home, yes?
  • If that is your wish.
  • I am tired, this is last time I do this for you.
  • I have to do this all over again!
  • I was never meant to be a soldier!
  • This is a waste of my time and talent!
  • Okay, but I need rest after that.

When dying

  • It all happened so quickly!
  • I go home now, sir!
  • I just want to sleep! May I go to a safe place?
  • I told you it was very dangerous here, sir!
  • Don't let this happen again!
  • I need art an art, Sensei.
  • I told you this would happen! Would you listen? Would you?!
  • I don't think I can recover from this!
  • Don't ask me to do anything for you again!
  • I hate you all!