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Le Cont is a member of Garlic Grunts. In version 3.0 of Pinstripe's Mod, he was renamed to Le Petit. He has been voiced by Rik Mayall.

Origin of the name Le Cont is unknown.


Le Cont is very similar to Kempo from Sushi-Swine. He finds war boring, because every task is too easy for him, and same as Kempo he keeps accusing the commander for wasting his time and talent. When he dies, he sees it as a fault of his commander and blames him for it during most of his quotes.


When starting a turn with more than 25 health

  • Oh, what is it?
  • Why me?

When starting a turn with 11-25 health

  • Oui?
  • Oh, if you must, state your business.

When starting a turn with 10 health or less

  • What now, sir?
  • Whoa-oa-oah!

When attacking

  • Take that, faulty swine!
  • I'm so bored I could get to sleep.
  • Fire!
  • I have a gift for you!
  • That's a waste of my talent!
  • Hmm, hmm, hmm, what a simple shot!
  • You waste my time with this?
  • Therefore, if that is your will.
  • Look, I'm on my knees from your shallows, I beg of you.
  • Oh, I am offended with this simple task!
  • This was my idea!
  • Oh, this is far too easy!

When dying

  • This is all your fault, Monsieur so-called capitaine.
  • I knew this would happen!
  • Look captain, I'm dead, thank you so much, goodbye!
  • Everyone kills me! What, do I smell?
  • So, again, I'll just lie here for eternity.
  • Someone will regulate that!
  • Oh, sorry blah.
  • So now, I am free!
  • Yahoo, you wasted my talents!
  • Ha, I'm dead, so good orders to bad rubbish!
  • Oh, thank you very much! I'm dead, I'm not speaking to you.