Hogs of War Wiki

"A foolhardy enemy troop are attempting an out - flanking manoeuvre on our gallant lads further up river. Have your chaps make a daring ambush and teach them not to be so saucy!"

-Major I. P. Grimly

Morning Glory! is the fourth mission of Hogs of War. It is located in area in southeastern Hogshead.


The terrain is mostly desert, but on some places grass appears. There are also alot of palm trees all over the map. There is a river in the middle, dividing player's pigs from enemies. There is also a small tributary river. It is possible to cross the river safely. There are some rocks and hills on both sides. On the player's side, there is a small lake with an island in it. On enemies side, there are some minefields. You also can see a mill-like pillar on the enemy side. On the enemy side, there is also a spot hidden between the mountains, where pigs can obtain pick-up with one Airburst for each.


There are no vehicles in this level.


There are two pick-ups and two Useful Provisions in the area. The pick-up on the player's side obtains three Rifle Bursts, the pick-up on the river crossing obtains three Mortars. On the crossing, there is a 20 UP crate, while on the lake island, there is a 50 UP crate, but it's harder to obtain. Later in the game, two 50 UP crates land on the player's side.


There are five enemies in this level- three of them are gunners with health of 75 and one grunt with health of 50. In the Hard Mode, there are three bombardiers and two gunners.


  • Morning Glory! is the first level, where more gunners than one appear
  • Morning Glory! is the first level to include both water and minefields
  • Morning Glory! is the first level to have a desert terrain