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Mule is a member of Piggystroika. In Pinstripe's Mod, he was renamed to Dimitri. He has been voiced by Rik Mayall.

Name Mule comes from mule - an offspring of male donkey and female horse.


When starting a turn with more than 25 health

  • You have come to the red lights!
  • So, we move!

When starting a turn with 11-25 health

  • At last, action.
  • We strike now!

When starting a turn with 10 health or less

  • We crush them!
  • They are mine.

When attacking

  • I never miss, commander.
  • You can not escape, my furry!
  • Would you please accept my gift? Ha!
  • They are nothing!
  • Surrender now or perish!
  • My formidable skills will not disappoint you, commander.
  • They must capitulate!
  • Gentlemen, we will show them no mercy.
  • They are merely mosquitoes on the backside of my life.
  • How victory is in the bag! Practically.
  • I shall alone blow them of the planet!
  • You are no match for me!

When dying

  • You may have stopped me, but you will never do so again!
  • And they practically missed...
  • You completely missed my cossacks!
  • Surrender now, it is your only option!
  • Allright in the battle like us!
  • Merely a tiny insignificant mosquito bite.
  • We will prevail!
  • I will be back and with it!
  • We are destinned for a glorious victory!
  • Even in death, I will be.
  • Crush them, comrades!
  • You will never stop the red tide!