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Porc is a member of Garlic Grunts. In version 3.0 of Pinstripe's Mod, he was renamed to Louis. He has been voiced by Rik Mayall.

Name Porc is a parody and comes from English word pork, meaning pig meat.


When starting a turn with more than 25 health

  • Administers a secured handshake.
  • Friend, or fail?

When starting a turn with 11-25 health

  • You have the password?
  • I like to wink when I look at you.

When starting a turn with 10 health or less

  • Psst, pssst! The beagle has landed.
  • Yes, mon ami?

When attacking

  • Back to your own country!
  • Whether not luck, you are the one that beep-beep-beep.
  • Ew, roof why? It is French for goodbye, you idiot!
  • Go away, you unpopular people who are not French!
  • Take this big dog and giraffe!
  • For you, I think!
  • Whee, whee!
  • For the assistants!
  • Fantastic!
  • Psst! My girlfriend has mahogany teeth!
  • Leave la resistance.

When dying

  • Ah, my teeth are upside down!
  • Carry on physicals. I wink for peace.
  • Way well, I'm not joking. We will get them back.
  • I have never... felt better! GET ME SOME HELP!!!
  • Get a message to the other house here.
  • We will fight on.
  • I am fine, I feel alright. Thank you.
  • You must use this before I die.
  • We will... I will continue!