Routine Patrol


"This supply route must be secured against the threat of a cowardly enemy ambush.
Take your lads out for a bit of a jaunt and have a pop at any foreign-types you bump into along the way!

-Major I. P. Grimly

Routine Patrol is the second mission of Hogs of War. It is located in area in western Hogshead.


The terrain is grassy with some hills and slopes, and with a big number of trees. There is a river with two tributary rivers to it, and with two small islets (with one suprisingly having a tree on it), dividing the level into four ground areas, two smaller and two bigger. There is an asphalt path, leading through the area, with bridges to make the river crossable. In the "player's" area, there is also a functional mill.


There are two pick-ups and four Useful Provisions in the area. Pick-ups feature 3 Bazooka shoots and 1 TNT. The bazooka is found on the "player" side on top of a rocky slope between two trees, the TNT is found on a hill on the "enemy" side, together with one with the enemy grunts, which is easy to be eliminated with it. There are three boxes of 20 UP along the path and one 50 UP box on the islet without a tree.


There are three enemies in this level- two of them are grunts with health of 50 and one gunner with health of 75 (in the Hard Mode, there are two gunners and one bombardier). Two of the enemies (including the gunner) are on the "enemy" side, but one grunt in on the "player" side.


  • Routine Patrol is the first level, where appear enemies with higher rank than grunt
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