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Not to be confused with Saustralia.

Map of Saustralasia

Saustralasia is a big archipelago in the Pigsific Ocean, and the main place, where Hogs of War is located. It consists of six main islands: Hogshead, Saustralia, Trotsville, Bellyopolis, Arstria and the Isle of Swill. Its' islands are shaped like a pig.

Saustralasia is known to be rich in swill, which is very valuable substance in Hogs of War world. As said by I. P. Grimly, any nation that controls Saustralasia and its' swill supplies, can become the richest nation and control the world. That's why six nations have decided to start a war to conquer Saustralasia.


Name "Saustralasia" was inspired by "Australasia", making a joke of it by adding letter S at the start, so it sound like "Sauce-tralasia".