Hogs of War Wiki

"The enemy line must be weakened in preparation for the big shove. Advance your men across no-man's land and don't come back until the wretched foe have been roundly trounced!"

-Major I. P. Grimly

Routine Patrol is the third mission of Hogs of War. It is located in area in southern Hogshead.


The terrain is muddy. There are several unwalkable slopes, which make a labyrint throught the game, completely dividing enemies from player's pigs. There are also minefields and some rain ponds, which can be crossed safely. On the top of the slopes, there is grass with some poor trees, but down them, there is mud.


There are three vehicles in the level; two tents with health of 25, and one shelter with health of 100. They are all next to enemies.


There are two pick-ups and two Useful Provisions in the area. Pick-ups feature 2 Cluster Grenades and there are two UP, both containing 10 health. If the player manages to destroy all of the vehicles (two tents and one shelter), one pick-up with TNT should appear in the game.


There are four enemies in this level- three of them are grunts with health of 50 and one gunner with health of 75. In the Hard Mode, there are three gunners and one bombardier.


  • Trench Warfare is harder than previous two levels- it is the first level featuring minefields, rain and vehicles
  • Trench Warfare is the first level, in which is raining - in the previous two levels, weather is always sunny
  • Trench Warfare is the first level with lesser ammount of time - there are only 60 seconds in a turn, not 99