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"You are to parachute into a deserted farm on the island of Saustralasia. There might be one or two foreign types lurking there. Despatch them quickly - we need to make progress!"

-Major I. P. Grimly

Under Siege is the sixth mission of Hogs of War. It is located in area in northwestern Saustralia. It is the first mission on this island.


The terrain is desert, mission happens during sunset. Player's team is located in the middle of the map, surrounded by a ring-like minefield; it looks like some sort of trap, because player's pigs can't exit this place without going into mines and hurting themselves. There is a huge rocky slope in the front of the lower area, providing high ground and view over entire place on its' top.


In this level, there are no vehicles, but there are some buildings in the middle of the map; these buildings are unstable and very easy to be blown up.


There is one pick-up located inside the minefield, containing Super Airburst. It's obtainable thanks to mineless path inside the minefield, but player needs an engineer class pig to find out the path, because it's invisible.

There are also four 20-UP crates located in the buildings; two of them are in one of the walled buildings and other two are under building with only one wall, ceiling and two pillars.


There are four enemies in this level- two of them are bombardiers with 90 health each, which are located on top of the high slope, having an advantage against a player, because being in good high ground position, having good sight of the player and available to use mortars to destroy player's pigs. There are also two snipers also with 90 health each in the mission, both of them hiding, each on the other side of desert. They often throw poison gases on player's pigs and shoot them with sniper rifles.

In the hard mode, there are two pyrotechnics and two spies.


  • Name of this mission is inspired by 1992 war movie Under Siege.
  • Under Siege is the first mission to have enemy pigs with second rank
  • Under Siege is the only mission to offer Super Airburst to the player