Hogs of War Wiki

"We have put you in charge of your own squad of Grunts taking part in the invasion of Hogshead. Each of your hogs is equipped with three grenades, a rifle and a bayonet - let's see what you can do..."

-Major I. P. Grimly

War Foundation is the first mission of Hogs of War (if we don't count Boot Camp). It is located in area in northwestern Hogshead.


The terrain is mostly desert, with except with some grassy areas in the north of the map. There is a river dividing northern and southern part of the map, with alot of walkable paths for pigs to go to another side. There are small hills in the area, but they feature walkable pathes in most cases.


There are three pick-ups and four Useful Provisions in the area. Pick-ups feature 2 Sniper Rifle shoots, 2 Bazooka shoots and 1 TNT, which are very helpful to destroy enemies. Each of the UP adds 50 additive health to pigs, which is very helpful and makes player's pigs very powerful.


There are three enemies in this level- all of them are grunts and have health of 50 (in the Hard Mode, there are three gunners with health of 75). Two of them are on the northern side, one is on the southern side. Players have got always three grunts too, but after completing the Hard Mode, they can have pigs with arbitrary ranks.


  • War Foundation is the only mission in the official game, when player has got lesser number of pigs than five (only three)